Our borescope inspections fall into 3 main categories, these are:

1. Routine Inspection

  • The routine time limited inspections
  • Inspection of the Combustion chamber and HP Turbine nozzle guide vanes
  • Inspection of the HP Turbine blades
  • Periodic inspection of specific stages of the HP compressor
  • Service Bulletin inspections are carried out at inspection frequencies

2. Emergency Inspection

  • The emergency, unexpected or unplanned situation
  • Bird strike, foreign object ingestion or volcanic ash inspections
  • Engine stall or surge
  • Alert service bulletin raised by the engine maker or the aviation authority
  • To assist the maintenance organisation in diagnosing an issue with an engine.

3. Full Inspection

  • The full inspection
  • Sale or purchase of the engine
  • Start or end of an engine lease
  • Damage determination prior to entry into the engine workshop
  • To assist with the creation of the repair workscopes

The Differences

The first 2 above focus on the continued serviceability and safety of the engine to remain in service, where item 3 is aimed at the commercial aspect before entering or re-entering into service, the cost of any repairs or the ability of the engine to remain in service for a certain time frame.

The first 2 types of inspection tend to take less time to carry out and are often carried out outside and overnight, the 3rd type should be planned and should be inside a suitable maintenance facility as a full inspection will take many hours to complete.

What We Do

  • RVI Ltd always records all aspects of the inspection with the addition of images with measurements, if required. RVI Ltd then produce an in-depth written report and interactive DVD once back in the office.

  • At the completion of any inspection irrespective of inspection type RVI Ltd will issue the industry standard certificate a “Form 1” under our UK, European and American approvals assuming the engine is serviceable with no defects outside the limits of the relevant manuals.

  • A copy of the reports and DVDs are sent to the client which become part of the comprehensive history of the engine. The video recording (DVD) of the inspection provides a comprehensive record of the health of the engine gas path at a fixed point in time.

  • Worldwide

    RVI Ltd will travel almost anywhere worldwide to carry out borescope inspections for our customers.

    We have travelled to most of the European countries including several east European countries. We have travelled further afield to places such as Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Texas USA, Bahrain, Dubai & Abu Dhabi UAE, China, Singapore and several African countries. Any destination will be considered providing it does not put any of our team at risk.